The Hughes Family

The Hughes family is an adventurous family of six. Parents Thomas and Ashley lost their son Miloh to SIDS at just 5 months old. After losing him, they realized they had little to no video footage of their daily interactions with him. Thomas and Ashley created their YouTube channel to capture at least just a few moments of every day in order to keep their memories and moments with their children alive forever.

Thomas and Ashley have six-year-old identical twins boys, Simon & Cohen. Their son, Miloh, was born just 18 months later. In 2017, they welcomed their 4th son, Ezrah to the family.

Thomas is a professional MMA fighter and Ashley is a marketing professional. In their free time, they love spending time together as a family and on their channel you can find everything from life’s fun little moments to affordable DIY's, hauls, and decorating hacks, to meaningful life lessons.